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Nike Elite 51 Broncos Uniform Tweak by SimplyMoono Nike Elite 51 Broncos Uniform Tweak by SimplyMoono
Denver Broncos.

This is the 30th of many uploads for this Nike/NFL tweaking project. For those unfamiliar, the idea is to take each team's current uniform and "tweak" it, but stay in the general range of the current designs. This includes doing things such as: putting aside the striped compression sleeves that I usually add to a uniform that contains stripes on the "sleeves" of the jersey; not just blowing the current uniform up and starting from scratch; not just simply going with a throwback uniform as the solution; and various other new methods that I can't think of at the moment. Every team will be wearing my tweaked version of the Nike Speed Machine uniform. All Nike/NFL uniform tweaks are done with a combination of MS Paint and GIMP.

As someone who has fond memories of watching John Elway in the Orange Crush uniforms as a little kid who had no comprehension of the environment around him, you could tell how excited I was when I heard that the Broncos were making the orange jersey their primary home top (regulating the blue top to alternate status). YES! That’s the way it should be. While I’m not crazy about the design that they've been wearing since 1997, it’s not a bad uniform, and the move (back) to Nike this year (2012) only upgraded the look. However, I would like to see something slightly different. What I did here was that I removed the side panels, in addition to changing the tapered pant stripe to something that was more linear, but still echoes the tapered stripe. I also moved the T.V. numbers to the sleeves. Everything else stays the same (including that awesome mane stripe on the helmet). Home uniform is on the left, road uniform is on the right.

The template and original artwork that these modifications (tweaks) are generated from comes with the permission of the original artist, Bill Schaefer, at


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December 12, 2012
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